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Everyone wants their dog to feel its best, and live a happy healthy life.  The food you feed your pup plays a huge role in that.  Certain foods in particular may cause irritations for their health as a result of allergies or other food intolerance.  Luckily it is possible to find a hypoallergenic diet that will keep your furry friends satisfied and healthy.  

What are Allergies and Where Do They Come From? 

An allergy is the body's response to a foreign substance that it is unfamiliar with.  Just like in the human body, dog’s bodies fight against these unknown substances through an immune system response. Allergies in dogs can be caused by a few different factors and result in a variety of health issues.  In dogs the main types of allergies are caused by fleas, environmental factors, or food. We will discuss these more below.

Allergy Symptoms In Dogs 

Allergic reactions result in varied immune system responses.  Skin conditions like hives, facial swelling and itchiness around the face and paws can be the result of an allergic reaction.  There are also gastrointestinal signs, like vomit or diarrhea, that would indicate that your dog may be having an allergic reaction.

In more serious cases it is possible for your dog to experience more extreme allergic reactions like anaphylaxis.  Just like in humans a dog experiencing anaphylaxis will have difficulty breathing and it's important to get medical attention as quickly as possible.

Common Allergies In Dogs

While all sorts of different foods have the possibility of causing an allergic reaction there are a few that are more commonly to blame for a reaction from your pup.  Usually an allergic reaction is caused by filler ingredients that are in dry dog food and treats. Reactions to certain proteins aren’t as common and can be confused by reaction to protein flavored rather than the actual true protein. For example, some owners noticed that their dog shows symptoms when fed chicken flavored kibble but does fine with chicken raw food or boiled chicken used as a treat. Soy and gluten are also very common allergens. While these are “common allergies” found in dogs, we have found that many times the allergy is more so to a processed or artificial protein choice rather than a fresh, raw protein.

What to Do About Your Dogs Allergies 

If you think your dog is suffering from allergies you may be confused about what food or ingredient may be causing it.  One way to determine which food product is causing the allergic reaction in your dog is an elimination diet.

With an elimination diet you remove all the foods that you may be currently feeding your dog and stick to a strict predetermined diet so that you can easily determine which ingredient is the cause of irritation.  

These diets are introduced slowly over the course of a week so that your pup isn't further bothered by a sudden change in food.  Typically an elimination diet should last at least one month to be sure that any symptoms caused by allergies are subsiding. With Cali Raw Nutrition offering 4 different proteins, you can find which one your dog does best on, and eliminate the ones your dog is allergic to! Once this is determined, single ingredient treats are a great option as well.

Allergies and Intolerances 

Food allergies in dogs are commonly blamed for health issues that arise throughout the dog's life, but they aren't actually as common as many people think.

Though certain foods may irritate your dog for a brief period of time this doesn't actually mean they are allergic to the foods.  Food intolerance or sensitivity are common for dogs who are trying a food they haven't had before or are not used to and can cause several of the same symptoms as actual allergies.  While your dog may not be used to food it doesn't mean it is allergic unless there is an actual immune system response. The difference between an allergy and intolerance can sometimes be hard to spot, and we wish we could read our dog’s minds to find out more, but keep an eye on the symptoms and remember it could just be an intolerance.

Dog Food Ingredients Contributing To Allergies 

Fillers and additives in your dog's foods are commonly to blame for their health responses.  If your dog is exhibiting symptoms similar to an allergic reaction it may be due to the extra junk in their food and treats.  Treats in particular can be full of unnecessary food products that will only aggravate health issues in your dogs.

A filler is a broad term for unhealthy ingredients in your dog's food.  Oftentimes these unnecessary ingredients are cheaper than other healthier options and aren't biologically appropriate for your dog's diet.  These fillers can sometimes be the reason why your dog may be having allergy symptoms.

unhealthy dog treats filled with filler ingredients that cause reaction

When looking at treats for your dog, particularly in the case of dogs with allergies, there are a fair amount of ingredients you want to avoid.  Some fillers you want to look out for include gluten or grain proteins.  Anything that is overly starchy or carbohydrate rich isn't the best option either.

Instead you want to find a treat that is made from novel animal protein, typically with a small number of ingredients and no artificial additives, like flavoring.  Treats that fall within these guidelines are less likely to cause an allergic reaction in your pet and will be better for their health overall.

Another option is prescription or hypoallergenic food or treats.  These foods can be used in cooperation with an elimination diet to try and identify the trouble ingredient and make sure that your dog won't suffer from allergies as severely.

Crafted Dog Treats: The Best Treats For Dogs With Allergies 

So what can you feed your dog?  It can be difficult to find treats you can trust from a health standpoint and still have faith that your dog will enjoy.  While there is no cure for food allergies, choosing the right stuff to feed your furry friend can help in reducing possible allergic reactions.

Luckily, Crafted Treats offers a variety of dog treats that are not only biologically appropriate for your pup but are delicious and simple.  We offer single ingredient treats and chews that won't cause allergic irritations in your dogs because they have none of the additives and junk found in other commercial dog treats.  Our treats are additive free and made from single ingredients you can pronounce and identify easily.  

These are treats you can trust.  They are made from human grade ingredients that are all sourced in the United States.  All the ingredients are biologically appropriate for your dogs diet and have zero fillers, additives or preservatives.  All the proteins are either air dried or dehydrated.  We have both muscle meat and organ meat treats as well as chews. 

Check out our website to get someCrafted Treats shipped right to your doorstep.  There are nine different types of treats to feed your dog and find what they enjoy best.  

Single ingredient treats are the best options for dogs with allergies! With only one ingredient, you wont need to worry about preservatives, fillers, chemicals, or other unnecessary ingredients that could be contributing to your dog’s allergies. Find what treat your dog loves most and their health (and they) will thank you! 

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