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Pet owners understand the struggles that accompany a high-energy dog. Some of our floppy-eared friends just have no limit to the amount of playtime they need. It isn’t their fault, it’s not like they have to read emails and do laundry. Their paws just do not have the dexterity for a keyboard and the only laundering they need is an occasional bath (or for dogs ‘cruel and unusual punishment’). But as people, we must do these things. So to avoid the puppy-eyed, head-tilted  ‘why aren’t we playing fetch right now’’ staredowns when you’re folding the laundry, give your dog a bully stick

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 What Are Bully Sticks

 Bully Sticks are a single ingredient beef muscle dog treat. Similar to a bone it can captivate your dog's attention for hours while providing numeroushealth benefits. In pet stores or online, you may have seen these chews sold under many different names, such as:bull sticks, pizzle sticks, pizzles, bull pizzles. But they’re all the same at the end of the day.

This popular dog chew is made by draining the fluids of the bull pizzle and is commonly baked, smoked, or in our case dehydrated. The result is aneasily digestible chew that will keep your dog busy for hours. It’s similar to rawhide in that it is a long-lasting treat, but is much gentler on a dog’s stomach and overall better!

Benefits of Bully Sticks

Bully sticks aren’t just a treat, as your dog gnaws on these yummy chews they also will gain some great health benefits

Health Benefits Of Bully Sticks: 

  • Natural source of protein and taurine to keep your dog’s muscles and organs healthy

  • Improves oral health by scraping plaque and tartar

  • Provides mental stimulation necessary for a dog’s cerebral growth

  • Helps promote hip and joint health

That’s without even mentioning the hidden benefits. For example when dogs are left alone and feeling anxious they are more likely to indulge in a healthy chew then say, your couch cushion. It’s no wonder why couch pillows and tennis shoes across the world are coming together to support yummy dog chews.

Your dog loves you more than anything and when you have to leave the house without them, many dogs suffer from anxiety. These anxieties are normal in young pups but that doesn’t make them any less destructive. In an attempt to calm themselves dog’s need something to occupy their time and promote concentration. This is why many dogs take to chewing on pillows and shoes. Not only can this be costly for you, but can also be a choking hazard for your dog. 

A correctly sourced and made dog chew will not splinter and create choking hazards. This is why we have crafted our beef bully sticks carefully, so your dog can enjoy a treat safely when you are away. 


Although our dog chews do not splinter, it’s important to regularly monitor your dog when first feeding them a stick. It is best to always do this when giving your dog any sort of new chewable object, even if it is edible. 

How to Choose the Right Bully Stick for Your Dog

There are many different types of bully sticks to choose from and they come in many different sizes. Like the kibble business, other companies can be deceiving with their dog treat products. As an owner you want to select the proper natural chew for your beloved dog. Also be cautious with other long-lasting chews like rawhides.

Rawhide Bones: Be Cautious

Rawhides are the eviler alternative of the long-lasting natural dog chews available in the market because they can be dangerous for your pup. Rawhide chews are made from animal hides that were separated with the chemical lye. Then hydroperoxide is used to bleach them white.  

Not only are harsh chemicals used, these chews can break off easily without being softened yet and be a choking hazard or get lodged in your dog's esophagus or stomach. They have been known to cause digestive irritation as well. 

 It’s our responsibility as pet owners to monitor what our dog is consuming. We recommend buying treats, chews, and foods that are certified, made from a single ingredient, and no added fillers. This way you know your dog isn’t receiving anything harmful that could be added to the treat. 

 At Cali Raw we are relentless in our effort to see that our wet-nosed friends only receive treats and meals that will aid in their health and well-being. That is why we offer all natural, high quality USDA inspected Beef Bully Sticks. Like all of our products, these sticks are made with regard to your pet’s health. It is a product that will benefit the growth and be another beneficial nutritional intake for your dog.

Crafted Dog Treats Presents: The Beef Bully

Your dog matters. You would not be reading and researching treats if you didn’t feel this way. We at Cali Raw applaud your commitment to our furry best friends. It is our commitment that your dog receives the best raw health products. 

Crafted Dog Treat’s beef bully stick is 5-6 inches long, built for long lasting gnawability. Even the champion chewers have met their match with our delicious chew, so you can take your time in the kitchen cooking yourself a wonderful dinner, because our sticks are sure to keep your dog focused and stimulated. 

Call it a trip to the doggy dentist as well while you’re at it. Not only are our sticks made with all natural beef pizzle, but their sturdy build will handle the plaque that can build up in your pup's mouth. Now I know dog’s mouths are technically cleaner than humans, but when did being extra clean ever hurt anybody?

Now I know what you’ve been thinking. These have got to smell right? I mean dehydrated beef pizzle, that just sounds pungent. While many bully sticks can ignite a meat smell detonation in your house, Crafted Dog Treats are odorless. So tell your beef stick buddy to take his or her treat wherever they please without fear of a stinky beef room.

Haven't Treats Always Been the Name of the Game

Show me a dog that doesn’t love dog treats and I’ll show you a liar. Just typing the word “Treat” right now, I think I saw my dog perk up from his slumber. 

“Somebody say treat over here orrr…”

Treats can be great training tools and just overall improve your dog’s mood. Bully sticks are a great treat for your dog and a great tool for their health. If you have any questions about using treats in training visitHow to Train Your Dog With Treats. If you are just looking for a healthy snack for your pup try check out our treats or if you are just interested in more information about more healthy and natural dog treats check out our otherblogs.

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