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When training, every dog owner knows that the way to a dog's heart is through their belly! Treats are a great way to make training more fun and rewarding for both you and your pet, which is why high-valued treats are great for your pet. Here, we'll discuss what high-valued treats are best for training!

What is a High-Value Dog Treat?

A high-value dog treat is an extra special treat that your dog absolutely loves! A treat that is highly rewarding and used to motivate your pup. High value treats are usually extra smelly, delicious, and something your dog doesn't get to eat very often.

For each dog, the value of a treat can differ. For example some dog’s may love beef but only like chicken or vice versa.

Examples of high value-treats:

Dog training with high value treats

    When Would You Use a High-Value Dog Treat?

    New tricks or training outside where there are lots of distractions can make it difficult to keep your dogs attention. This is where high-value dog treats come in!
    Using a high valued treat when your dog is facing a mental or physical challenge during training will keep them motivated. In your dog’s eyes, these treats are special and motivates them to stay focused. 

    When using these treats, we recommend saving them for special commands, such as calling them over or learning a brand new trick that’s difficult. 

    It's best to use a high-value treat when...

    • Your pup is in an environment full of distractions.
    • You're teaching your dog a new trick.
    • Your dog is assigned a challenging task.
    • Your dog is emotionally distressed or overstimulated.
    • Encouraging healthy and safe socialization.

    To maintain the treat’s high value, only reward with these treats for these situations and not every day.

    Low and Medium Value Treats

    Since we've broken down what we need to know about high-value treats, let's discuss what low value treats and medium value treats can be used for!

    Medium-Value Treats

    Medium-value treats are treats that are enjoyed fairly often such as times of regular, non-rigorous training. Unlike high value treats, your dog won’t do anything for them which is why they may not be the best for new tricks and difficult training.

    Like the highly valued treats, each dog prefers different snacks. So for some dogs a treat you may expect to be high value might not be in your dog’s eyes.

    Examples of Medium-Value treats:

    When would you use a medium-value treat?

    • When practicing an already-known trick or command
    • In mildly distracting environments
    • During your casual daily training sessions
    • During enrichment activities

    Low-Value Treats

    Low-value treats are snacks your dog sees on a regular day-to-day basis. Lower valued treats are usually low in calories and nutritional value, and are best for eventually fading off of treats. Since these treats aren't as valued as the other ones, they can be given out quite frequently!

    Examples of low-value treats:

    • Pieces of your pup's usual dinner
    • Chopped up carrots or celery

    When would you use a low-value treat?

    • When your pup behaves desirably during the day
    • In a low-distraction environment
    • When your pup performs a trick, but not very well
    • Throughout the day to praise good behavior

    How to Find Out Your Dog's High-Valued Treats

    Of course, every dog is different. As we mentioned, one dog may value cheese as a high value treat while another may turn their nose up at it! The best way to find out what treats work best for your dog is by getting to know your dog's taste buds!

    Give your dog a taste of various different meats, treats, veggies, fruits, and more. The treats your dog gets extra excited for are high-value treats, and the ones they could care less about are lower valued treats. After your dog tries different flavors, experiment with different textures too! Find out if your dog prefers moist, smelly treats or dry, crunchy treats.

    Organ meats are a popular high value treat because of the rich flavor and smell. If your dog tends to be picky, check out our dehydrated organ meat collection!

    Some owners come to find that their dog isn't interested in edible treats. If your dog isn't interested in the treats provided, they may be interested in a different form of reward. Experiment with rewarding your dog through play, attention, and treats to find out what your dog loves to work for! 

    You also may be using the incorrect treat for the situation- for example, your pup will not be interested in a low-value treat if they're in a heavily distracting environment, like a dog park.

    What Makes a High-Value Treat?

    The most important factor of a good high-value treat is how hard your dog is willing to work for it. Besides that, a high-value treat should be healthy and nutritious. If you're not careful with the treats you feed your pup, they may be prone to weight gain and health issues in the long run. Here are a few qualities of high-value treats that'll help you and your pup avoid these problems:

    A high-quality high-value treat should be...

    • 100% natural: A treat that is 100% natural is the best way to avoid any fillers or preservatives that could harm your pup.
    • Safe: A safe treat is a treat that is bite-sized, edible for dogs, and human-grade.
    • Free of harmful ingredients: Ingredients like fillers or preservatives will do more harm than good for your pup.
    • Delicious: Your dog should have a reason to work for the treat, after all!

    Top 3 Recommended High-Value Treats

    Now that we've talked about what to look for in high-value dog treats, let's go over the most recommended high-value treats for training!

    Cali Raw's Venison Jerky

    Cali Raw's venison jerky is everything on the checklist! These treats are 100% natural, safe, free of harmful ingredients, delicious, and human-grade! Even better, you can snack on them alongside your dog!

    Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

    Nothing beats fresh foods when it comes to health and taste. Fresh fruits and vegetables meet all of the things on the checklist and are human edible! Before you feed your pup any fresh fruits and veggies, be sure to check if they're doggy-safe.

    Crafted Dog Treats

    Crafted Dog Treats is a small treats business striving to better the world of dog training with delicious, healthy, high-value treats! These treats will have your pup trying their absolute hardest during every training session.

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